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This CB microphone extends 32 inches with this retractable retriever and keeps your mic in place until you need to use it. A convenient way to keep your CB equipment from dislodging and becoming a distraction. Easily installs using the carabiner clip and hardware included. The carabiner easily mounts to the existing screw in your visor or radio mount. You adjust the lanyard to the length that works best for you. You aren't left feeling around for the mounting clip or worrying if your CB mic is back where it belongs. The black chrome finish is a nice touch that adds a little bit of a vintage style.

Wilson CB Microphone Retriever 305MRBC - Adjustable Mic Lanyard and Hardware Mounting Kit - Black Chrome Finish

Nice length for convenient CB microphone use - 32-inch retractable extension kit

Adjustable lanyard to customize to your own comfortable use

Protected in a black chrome finish in a classic design

Smooth operation for both moderate CB users and heavy-duty CB users to make mic retrieval and storage easier

Wilson Microphone Retriever (retractable) heavy duty

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