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Ranger 10 Meter Radio - SuperStar SS148PRO 300 Watt 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver Radio

Looking for a no-fuss, easy to use 10 meter radio with 300 watts PEP and a built-in SWR meter? Look no further than the SUPERSTAR SS148Pro, the most recent edition to Ranger's renowned range of 10 meter radios. The SS148Pro has a large multifunctional meter that allows you to keep track of SWR, modulation and output power, all depending on the setting you select. Switch easily between these three. And whether your meter is set to SWR or not, a high SWR alert LED will light up when SWR levels get too high, drawing your attention to possible issues that can damage your radio if left unchecked.

The SS148Pro comes with a Ranger noise canceling microphone — a superb mic that does a great job at reducing background noise. Couple this with features such as squelch control, echo control and talkback, and you'll never want to switch your radio off.

Features and Specifications

10 Meter Radio

Power Output: 300W 

AM Mode

Large Meter With 3 Scales: SWR/MOD/PWR

High SWR Alert LED

Channel Number Display

Dimmer Control, 3 Settings: Bright, Medium, Off

Channel 19 Switch

NB/ANL Filters

Squelch Control

MIC Gain/RF Gain

Echo Control

Variable Talkback

4-Pin Noise Canceling Microphone

Public Address

Heat Sink on Bottom to Disperse Heat

Dimensions: 11.25"(Length from SO239 to Control Knobs) × 7.875" (Width) × 3.125" (Height)

Superstar SS 148 Pro

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