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Not the cheap unmarked overseas stuff. I use either Harbour Industries or Carlisle, both made in the USA Mil-Spec M17 grade RG-400.


Choose a length or contact me for a specific length. Can also do nulled cables for additional cost.


Made to order high quality cables. Great choice for mobile or base installs. High performance double shielded coaxial cable that is known for its stability in high temperature environments. RG-400 is a high-isolation 50-ohm coaxial cable that is ideal for critical, very low signal level, low noise applications as well as high power handling for RF equipment interconnections. Proper terminations on RG-400 cable assemblies provides extremely low crosstalk and very low noise ingress with a double-braid shielding effectiveness that results in over 100dB of isolation across HF frequencies. This cable is Mil-Spec M17/128-RG400.

RG400 Mil-Spec M17/128 Double Shield Coax W/ Soldered Silver Teflon PL259 Ends

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