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Ranger RCI-99N1 100 Watt SSB/AM 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver Radio

The Ranger RCI-99N1 10 meter radio with its eye-catching black and chrome finish sports the same features as its predecessors, the 99N2 and 99N4, but with less of the bulk. It has a selectable RF power amplifier that can produce up to 100 watts output power, making it less energy-intensive than the other models. This also means the radio runs cooler, and Ranger was able to do away with the large heatsink at the bottom, resulting in a slimmer, more compact radio that can fit into most vehicles with greater ease.

The radio has a multifunctional meter that allows you to keep an eye on the SWR, modulation and power output readings. Another handy feature is the high SWR warning light, which lights up when SWR readings get too high, thus indicating a problem with the antenna system. When this happens, you should act immediately to prevent damage to the radio.

Features and Specifications

AM/SSB Modes (USB/LSB — no FM)

RF Deck ON for High Power Output — 100 Watt

RF Deck OFF for Low Power Output

Black and Chrome Finish

5-Digit Frequency Counter

White LED Frequency and Channel Number Displays

Multifunctional Panel Meter

Choice of Backlight Colors

Dimmer Control



Mic/RF Gain

Squelch Control

Auto-calibrating SWR Meter

High SWR Warning Light

ANL/NB Switch

Public Address

Included: Ranger SRA-198NC Chrome Noise-canceling Microphone

Notice: 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by licensed amateur radio operators only. 10 Meter Radios are Factory warranty only! Warranty work is to be handled by the respective manufacturer, and not The Radio Garage. Absolutely no returns or refunds on any radios.

Ranger RCI 99N1 100w 10m AM SSB

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