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FM Mode - Uses frequency modulation for clearer, more private voice transmissions compared to traditional AM.

CTCSS / DCS- Allows you to use squelch tones or codes in FM mode to access repeaters and increase privacy

Talkback / Noise Gate -Allows you to hear your transmission over your speaker

Automatic SWR Self calibrating meter to display SWR readings

NRC Noise Reduction Circuit - Adds a noise canceling filter to your transmit, receive, or both

Scan / Scan Skip - Scans through the different frequencies and allows you to skip the unwanted ones

Vox - Voice activated function so you can talk without taking your hands off the wheel

DW - Dual Watch to monitor activity on two channels

Monitor - When ASC is active or the manual squelch level is high, press MONITOR to hear the active channel

Weather Mode - Receive NOAA weather alerts and updates

Hi-Cut - Reduces higher frequency tones for easier listening

ANL - Automatic Noise Limiter Filter to reduce background noises and some reception interferences. In AM mode only.

NB - Noise Blanker Filter to help remove background noise, and some reception interference.

Multicolor Display - Choose between 7 different color options

President George FCC AM SSB FM CB Radio

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