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The Driver Extreme DX656 – The Best Communications Grade Microphone


  • Ergonomic design and contoured switch for comfortable feel
  • Rugged chrome plated grill
  • Extra-long strain relief for durability
  • High quality 9 foot cord
  • Acoustically tuned for natural sound and clarity
  • Internal diffuser to eliminate breath pops
  • Standard 4 pin 6 conductor wiring
    •          Pin 1 (Ground) Shield & Blue
    •          Pin 2 (Audio) White 
    •          Pin 3 (TX) Red 
    •          Pin 4 (RX) Black 
    •          Yellow wire is unused
  • Type: Dynamic noise cancelling system
  • Sensitivity: -54 dB +/- 3dB (1V/Pa @1 KHz) 
  • Measurable impedance:  500 ohm’s +/- 30 ohm’s 
  • Frequency response:  55 Hz – 7 KHz  (proximity effect compensated)
  • No battery or power source required  


The Driver Extreme DX656 Noise Cancelling Microphone was designed from top to bottom to deliver what you want and need in a microphone. The DX656 is comfortable to hold and talk into. The contoured body of the mic makes it easy for any size hand to use. We took into account weight and how the mic feels; not too heavy or too light. The DX656 features an innovative keying lever. If you like the feel of a smaller push-button or prefer the feel of a bigger push-bar when keying up, this mic has both covered with its uniquely contoured keying lever. It offers the best of both worlds. We think you’ll agree. The proprietary design of our keying lever and switch configuration won’t bind up or “stick” allowing smooth keying every time.


With a sturdy chrome plated mesh grille along with heavy duty strain reliefs at each end of the cord, the DX656 is built tough and looks great! That big chrome grille with the lip guard isn’t just there for looks. It protects the mic element from potential damage and assures proper spacing from your mouth when used as directed. We even supplied instructions to explain proper mic technique and how to obtain more consistent results with this mic. We have incorporated heavy duty strain reliefs at the bottom of the mic and by the plug. These are the areas where most cords break due to flexing. We went the extra mile and made sure that there was extra support in those areas. We did so without adding any unnecessary stiffness. The 9’ six wire cord remains flexible, even when cold. It can be wired for most any communications application, but as configured, comes equipped with a conventional 4 pin plug wired for most common radios. 


The DX656 is all about performance and sound quality. Most people don’t know that a power mic has no place in a mobile environment. In fact, most stock mics are even too sensitive and can pick up unwanted background noise in many vehicles. Whether you have your windows down, stereo on or your vehicle isn’t quite as quiet as it was when new, nobody needs to know any of that over the air. That’s why the DX656 is noise cancelling. When used as directed, the DX656 offers very clean, clear and natural sound. We designed this mic for wide bandwidth and neutral frequency response when spoken directly into. What they hear is you in your natural voice and no background noise. The DX656 isn’t one of those “voice cancelling” or “voice muffling” microphones that don’t have enough output and lack clarity. What they hear is clean and clear with plenty of volume to hear and understand you. The DX656 delivers your audio just like you were sitting next to them.


Driver Extreme DX-656 Dynamic Noise Canceling Mic

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