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Includes Performance Tune & Alignment

*For Galaxy, Ranger, RCI, Connex, General, Etc Style Radios (not cobra/uniden or menu driven radios)*


**Revised for 2023**

I came up with this package to help with reliablity, durabilty & performance.
This package includes tune and alignment plus the following:
  • Electrolytic Cap Upgrade (Main DC & 8v filter caps upgraded)
  • Power wires upgraded for certain models (if applicable)
  • Ferrite chokes added to power wires (for certain models)
  • Regrease IC's, driver and finals
  • Replace any broken insulators

  • AM Regulator Upgraded to larger heavy duty part

  • Modulation(Voltage Regulator) Transistor Upgraded (if applicable) to Larger Heavy Duty Part
  • Locktite so-239
  • Teflon insulated stranded antenna wire (certain models)
  • AMC timing cap upgrade
  • Talkback mod/upgraded for better (louder clearer) volume (if applicable)
  • Mic amp & TX Audio circuit adjusted for wider bandwidth audio (more highs & lows) & better punch!

  • Set up for noise canceling mic if needed(must tell me what mic you plan on using)

  • Will setup radio for amplifier if requested, Need more avg power drive? Still want full PEP swing from low deadkey? Just let me know! Its all included in the Bulletproof package!

Bulletproof Upgrade Package

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